No More Key Mix Up!!!!

Super easy to make and a cute way to organize your keys on your key ring.



The cost on this project was NONE if you use supplies you already have. It obviously can be done in 10 minutes or less, but depending on the detail and embellishments added, it can take a little more time.

■Nail polish
■Clear laquer

Tape a round the shaft of the key to provide a clean paint line but also to protect it from getting paint on it that will chip when you put the key in and out of the lock.

Paint 2 -3 coats of nail polish, allowing the paint to dry in between coats. Be sure to paint the sides, too

Finally, after all the polish has completely dried, apply 1 -2 thin coats of clear glaze or lacquer on both sides allowing it to dry in between coats. It only takes 10 or so minutes for it to dry to the point of being able to handle it but you will want to wait 24 hours before using your key so it will fully harden

After dry, remove the tape and enjoy your fabulous new keys!

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