DIY- Hanging door sign

I love Pinterest and spend a lot of time pinning ideas to try later. I found one idea that I could not wait to try. In my house I have 3 doors close to each other. Every time I have a gathering I spend over half of my time showing my guest which door leads to the bathroom. This simple idea helped me solved that problem with this easy DIY hanging wall sign.

image image

You need to purchase the following items:

(1) wooden sign in any shape you like (I choose oval and the plaques can be found at any hobby store or your local Wal-mart.)

(1) tiny bag of hook screws

Wooden letters, stencils or vinyl signs that you rub onto the wood.

(1) wrought iron bracket( found mine at the 99 cents store in the gardening section.

Step 1: lightly sand your wood plaque

Step 2: I painted the iron bracket and the hook. I wanted mine to have the look of brass(you do not have to paint them it is totally up to you)

Step 3: I then painted the oval plaque in a light color and went around the edge with a darker color to make it look vintage.

Step 4: Allow the paint to dry at least 4 hours or over night.

Step 5: While your items are drying hang you bracket above your door.

Step 6: Time to put it all together! Take the oval plaque and screw the hook into the top of the plaque.

Final step hang the oval plaque onto the bracket.

There you have it a simple yet stylish sign so you can spend more time entertaining your guests and less time telling them which door is the bathroom!


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