I don’t wear make up. I don’t wear push up bra’s. I don’t wear hair extensions. I don’t wear spanx. I don’t buy expensive clothes. I love thrift stores. i’ll take a hand me down in a minute. I enjoy painting my own nails. I like doing my own hair. I’m very sentimental. speaking loudly makes me anxious. I need at least one hug a day. I can not lay on pillows, they hurt my neck and back. looking up at the stars at night makes me feel weightless. I want to save the world. I hate school. I want a job where I can just be ppls support to carry on and be better. I hate gossip. slapstick makes me crack up. I can easily entertain myself. im silly. I hate complaining. I don’t know how to handle the spotlight. I am in love with God Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit. I have boys names picked out for my Braxton sized family. I love diy projects. Im an all or nothing type of person. I can go all day without eating. i’m not perfect! so please hold me to that! God is working on me! I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and only God can change us. I love the person God made you to be! He loves you even more! I love the woman God has made/is making me into!💗

About the author: Rashelle is a vivacious, young lady that truly has a heart for giving and serving God and others.  GraceFace is excited to have her beautiful face, spirit and energy as a part of the team.  Rashelle is 100% authentic and it is my plan to make sure that her pureness always shines through in her writing.  It is my plan to keep her encouraged to keep reaching for the stars in heaven.  I look forward to reading more of what God gives this beautiful young lady to share with us. ~phyllis

You can also find Rashelle on our GraceFace Pink Pages where you can contact her about purchasing her handmade jewelry.

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