LET’S GET IT 2017!









On my mark…

I was happy to bid farewell to 2016.  It was a trying year for me with many unwelcome surprises for my family, much sadness, division and many disappointments.  It has also been a year of awakenings….good and bad, but nevertheless, I am awake and on my mark with lessons learned.  Through it all we survived, I survived by God’s grace and mercy.


Alameda Beach ~ iPhone photography









Get set…

Yesterday I spent quiet time with myself meditating, updating my vision board, purged clutter from the house and from my mind and danced like I was on stage as I sipped on champagne with the anticipation of the arrival of the new year, which caught me fast asleep. 😴💤💤


GraceFace GameFace


Game on!  As 2017 has arrived and if God says the same, it will bring to me a milestone birthday in 9 days, the excitement of new opportunities, the birth of new ideas and the hope of giving God even more of me through service.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so look out 2017.  I’m ready to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!🐝


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